Mar 31st

April Fools

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Don’t be an April Fool this year and follow my top five ingredients to enjoy this month!

Asparagus – I look forward to the first of the local asparagus, the bright vibrant green spears, that have an incredible crunch when tossed raw through a salad… Yes you can buy Asparagus all year around now – but not with the same flavour, colour and texture as the British stuff, and being a proud Norfolkian none better than the Norfolk grown bunches.

Sprouting Brocoli – the sexy sister of the big brocoli, it’s tender green stems, and often purple tops mean this is a firm restaurant favourite vegetable for appearance and flavour. Be careful not to overcook as it will go from beautiful al’dente to mushy flaccid stalks in seconds!

Kale- the Americans are starting to go wild for it and just like Breaking Bad us Brits will be soon swept along by this super healthy green. Often however deep fried (losing it’s healthy status but tasting great) it makes a great flavoursome veg to go alongside a good hearty meal. Quite a strong flavour, but when seasoned well the bitterness almost turns sweet. Blanche and cool before tossing through a well dressed salad for an alternative use.

Jersey Royal Potatoes – there are hundreds of varieties of potatoes on the market, from Maris peer, to Desiree, all with unique flavours textures and perfect uses. Only a true potato geek will perhaps know the differences, but most people know of the delicious Jersey Royals. It’s a small potatoe that I find hard to recommend doing anything with other than smothering in butter and freshly chopped mint makes for a true taste of spring. Paired up with lamb or fresh fish and you won’t go too far wrong.

Wild Garlic – tender green garlicky leaves, packing a punch Mike Tyson would have been proud of are something to get excited about. Free of charge to those with a sharp eye and a love of foresty walks – best found in moist woodland areas, even a few leaves have the ability to transform a simple weeknight supper. Try chopping and mixing through some butter before making Wild Garlic Bread, or adding to your best leek and potato soup recipe to add a delicious garlic flavour.