Oct 23rd

Game On!

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Autumn has a certain smell – moist, damp leaves forming a carpet along the pavements, wild mushrooms growing in the misty forest and, for me, the king of all smells – local game, bubbling away on the stove. Personally it signifies the end of summer, the onset of dark evenings and a return to the woollen jumper. […]

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Sep 26th

Great British Bank Off

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Everyone seems to be cashing in on this whole cake frenzy that is sweeping the nation… With over 4 million viewers watching The Great British Bake Off it really has captured the country’s imagination. The Cake and Bake Show this weekend was attended by over 20,000 people, all of whom stood focused on Mary Berry’s […]

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Sep 19th

Tip-Top Tips

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This has the intention of being a short blog, but I just wanted to get a few opinions in writing and make my personal opinions clear on a contentious topic.   Tips. I eat out 2-3 times a week generally; I visit coffee shops almost daily and when I feel I have been treated to […]

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Aug 23rd

Cooking – Fun for all the family

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We are in a fast food generation – be it eating out, or cooking at home. We expect our main course to be on the table within 15 minutes of ordering and our Big Mac to be at the ‘Next window’ by the time we’ve finished ordering at the drive through. We are all subject […]

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Jul 12th


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Saturday 14th July- Jon Gay will be cooking live at Jarrolds Department store in a special ‘Summer Food’ demonstration in the Basement Department. Dishes including Banana Daiquiri Pancakes and Thai Burgers with Mango and Coriander Coleslaw will all be providing food for thought. The demonstrations is free and a perfect way to spend your Saturday. […]

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Jun 13th


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WIth 10 hours of live interactive cookery demonstrations spread over 3 days – Jarrolds is the only place to be! With the launch of a new summer range in store – I’ve been left in charge of the cookery department! Cooking over 16 dishes there will be plenty to watch, ask questions about and if […]

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Jun 12th

Service With a Grumble

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Am I alone in feeling unloved?  One of the perks in my job is being able to justify eating out as ‘Work’ but over the last year I feel the way we as customers are treated has changed. Maybe the job attracts nomadic students, or people considering it as a stepping stone not a career […]

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May 16th

Eat local but drink foreign

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Local and seasonal are probably the most used words in the descriptions of most independent restaurants. We obviously want to reduce the miles our food has travelled, we want it to have come straight from the farm onto the plate.  Supermarkets are loving displaying how far your cucumber has traveled, and how your tomato was […]

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Apr 16th

Foraging for Wild Flavours

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Foraging for food has suddenly become quite trendy, and at the moment there is an abundance of wild garlic. Found in mainly moist woodland areas, the large flat leaves can often be smelt before being seen. It’s a splendid addition to a salad, can be wilted with spinach, or added to a soup to make […]

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Apr 7th

Time For Your Greens

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With spring sprung and the first of the English asparagus on our supermarket shelves- now more than anytime of year is the time to get excited about cooking. It’s time to stop thinking about stewing and get salivating about broad beans, rocket, spinach and watercress- it’s a month of beautiful green! The bright vibrant green […]

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