Dec 3rd

Christmas Top Ten Festive Foodie Tips

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Here at Jon Gay Food we’ve put together some simple tips to keep your Christmas running smoothly:

1. Perfect Planning 

Without planning you are destined for festive food failure. Decide in advance the dishes you want to cook, be it turkey or goose etc, and make sure you have the cooking times noted and any recipes printed out and ready to go. Without these you are making life harder for yourself.

2.  A Helping Hand 

A full roast dinner is no mean feat and there is no shame in asking for help with peeling, mashing or doing the washing up. Just make sure everyone has clear instructions on their role in the kitchen. By involving family and friends, not only will your workload be lighter, the whole process will be more fun!

3. Chill Out

– The fridge is your extra helper. All vegetables can be blanched and chilled before the big day. On Christmas Eve, ideally, get all the preparation done. Bring the vegetables to the boil in salted water before plunging them into ice cold water when almost cooked. Chill overnight and then on Christmas Day your cooking times will be reduced and your life made an awful lot easier.

4. Hit List

– Don’t wing it! Make sure you list everything you need to buy and everything you need to do.

5. Sharpen Up 

– Having sharp knives to chop the carrots and trim the turkey are essential. Ultimately it will save you additional effort on the big day. Take them to your local cook shop to have them sharpened if you don’t have a knife sharpener at home.

6. Bang Tidy 

– De-clutter your fridge and kitchen. As nice as all those kitchen knick-knacks are, it’s best to store them away until the festive season is over. Work space is essential as you’ll need lots of room to manoeuvre! Tidy the fridge too to make more room (…chuck out that old jar of pesto, it’s way out of date!)

7. Delicacies to the Door 

– Lots of shops, including independent butchers, will deliver everything you could need to your door. This will help save all sorts of hassles and hurrying.

8. Foil Turmoil

– Make sure you have a good stock of foil, cling film and greaseproof paper to last you the season. You don’t want those mince pies welded to the oven tray…

9. Keep it Simple

– Leave the experiments to scientists and stick to the recipes you know. Don’t be tempted to use dry ice and liquid nitrogen in your cocktails or cooking! Sometimes less is more.

10. Have Fun!

– And last, but not least, enjoy your Christmas! After all, it is the season to be merry!