Jan 22nd

Eating Art Attack

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Can a plate of food be art?

I guess the first question should be what is the definition of art? Art is an ‘expression of human creative skill and imagination’ – food I believe fits into this category.

Art isn’t simply drawings, sculpture or crazy Neil Buchanan’s ‘big art’ creations involving bed sheets and a school playing field. It could also be a cut red cabbage with its beautiful layers of dark purple or a plate of food masterfully created with vibrant shades and intricate shapes.

I take the argument further to suggest that food is the greatest art form. A plate of food can be admired with the eyes, smelt with the nose, even listened to by the ears and, most importantly, tasted. Food can be enjoyed by all the senses there and then, but a picture of a dish can also be appreciated for years to come. Take, for example, the huge interest in Instagram and people’s desire to take snaps of beautifully prepared meals.

Art and food are very much intertwined… and food being an art form is something I’m extremely passionate about. So why not enjoy playing with interesting and unusual presentations for your dishes at home, excite your senses and create your own art.

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