Jan 23rd

Feasting in February

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I can’t believe we’ve almost reached the end of January… But it’s time to start thinking about February’s food! What’s in season, what should be on every restaurant menu, but also ingredients for your evening after work dinners!

Soups and stews are still to be enjoyed, with cold evenings and perhaps even some snow -swede, parsnips and turnips always work well with beef for hot-pots, casseroles or hearty stews.

Jerusalem artichokes are fantastic too, and something not to be scared of, simply pop a couple peeped into your potatoes when boiling for mash and enjoy with some butchers sausages.

Fruit during February is limited when it comes to local produce – but keep an eye out for imported pomegranates and blood oranges, which are truly delicious!

The cold waters make for delicious shellfish and fish this month, so make the most of mussels, clams, oysters and hake. Pairing the seafood with some ‘first of the season’ sprouting broccoli makes for a divine dinners. Add some pine-nuts when sautéing some blanched sprouting broccoli and a nob of butter, they’ll bring it to life.


Final tip for February try is making Marmalade – get a case of Seville oranges and see how easy it is to make something Paddington Bear would be proud of!