Apr 3rd

Lets Get Fruity

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This week came the news that we need to eat more fruit and vegetables, the newspapers unveiled the major revelations explaining the positives behind dropping the Mars Bar and bag of Walkers in exchange for a fruit or veg based snack.

Most people are unaware that the ‘5 a day’ campaign was based on little to no science. 5 portions was picked as a ‘reasonable’ target rather than a target based on any evidence.

Despite all the scepticism I hold for targets, be it 5, 7 or 10 portions of fruit or veg a day, the magic number is likely to change again this month… But the point still remains – eat more of the stuff!

We’re all busy, and cooking fruit and vegetables and finding time to make them interesting is tough, but I’ve put together some top tips for shoehorning more into your daily diets:

Try smoothies; replace your glass of juice at breakfast for a blended fruit smoothie, it’s an easy way to get 3 portions in a glass before you’ve even left for work!

Super soup; any left over veggies can be added to some fried onion and garlic, covered with stock and boiled before blending… Pop into a thermos flask and you’ve got an easy veg filled lunch!

Jam Jar Salads; find 2 jam jars, one large and one smaller – pop your dressing in the small one, and as many raw salad leaves, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers in the other… At lunch time you just need to pour in the dressing and shake!

Stew it up; having a well stocked freezer makes life easy! Get some good cooking apples, rhubarb or pears and cook with a little sugar till soft… Pop in the freezer in a bag and you can defrost at your leisure! Serve with granola, or yogurt for an easy fruity dessert.

Sneaky vegetables; vegetables are easily hidden, if you or the kids just don’t like them, chop them really small and sneak them in your favourite pasta sauce, you’re not going to notice them, and they’re good for you!

Do you have a top tip? I’d love to hear how you eat yours – drop me a tweet @chefjongay