Clementine, Black Pepper & Cardamon Biscuits New

Really simple to make but as biscuits go these are serious! They pack a punch, but sweet and fruity – they really are worth trying!


130g Butter

55g Sugar

190g Flour

1 Clementine

1 Tsp Black Peppercorns

1/2 Tsp Cardamon


The easiest way to make these is to pop the sugar and butter into a mixer with a whisk attachment and beat until light and fluffy – you can do this by hand with a strong wrist and wooden spoon.


Add in the flour and mix gently, you don’t want to over mix the mixture. Form the dough into a ball and clingfilm before chilling.


In a small pan heat the peppercorn and cardamon till gently warmed through, in a pestle and mortar crush the spices till powdered.


Divide the mixture in two, add the spices into half, before adding the clementine zest and juice into the other half.


Roll the clementine mix into a long rectangle, form the pepper half into a long sausage and place down the centre of the orange mix. Roll the orange mix around the pepper mix. Cling film tightly and chill for an hour.


Once the biscuit dough has chilled, slice thin round slices and lay on Greaseproof paper, and bake at 180c for 8 minutes till golden.